Adult Toy Empire Fun Factory Stronic Drei Blackberry
  • Adult Toy Empire Fun Factory Stronic Drei Blackberry
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is currently backordered. You may still purchase it now but we won't be able to ship it until it becomes available again.

First there was Dr Dre, then there was Stronic Drei. If you're looking for the perfect toy to "rap" you up in its love, then look no further! This beastly and powerful pulsator brings a level of stimulation and excitement not seen since the days of drive-by shootings in the hood.

The rhythmic back and forth movements are extremely naturalistic and thrilling. With its slightly bent shape, the Stronic Drei stimulates the G-spot or prostate while the ridged shaft and thick base of this gangster, pampers the clitoris, perineum and anus.

This bad boy from Fun Factory with a gentle touch includes:

  • Ten exciting stimulation levels - brings you to climax, thrust for thrust for thrust for thrust for thrust for thrust for thrust for thrust for thrust for thrust.
  • Pulsator lock function - no more embarrassing vibrations in your hand luggage during your travels.
  • The Stronic Drei measures in at 23.9cm long and 4.0cm wide - the perfect candidate to fill the "void" in your life or... ahem... in your pants.
  • Press FUN to play and to stop.
  • Safe, gentle and odourless.
  • 100% medical grade silicon - Silky smooth and velvety soft.
  • 100% waterproof - you'll be wet but the toys insides won't be!

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